Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random tit-bits

Loong time no see!! :) But I am back now.

Kutu's world has been quite a buzz with activities. Here are a few notes on all the happenings :

1. Kutu has got the distinction of being the youngest school drop out ever!! He doesn't go to Play School now. I think the idea of sitting in one place and repeating the nursery rhymes that the teacher was so painstakingly singing, just didnt appeal to him and us. The very logic behind packing him off to Play School was for him to enjoy the company kids of his own age group and this just didnt seem to be happening there. The teacher taking him in and locking the classroom door was the last straw. Our little monster screamed his lungs out and broke all our hearts!! :( So my little birdie went flying away only to come fluttering back to the safe haven of his nest. So now we are in a lookout for good playschools in our area.

2. Kutu also had his first long distance train journey last month. Not exactly too long as per the adult standards. It was an overnight train journey to Coimbatore. He enjoyed thoroughly. He was excited on seeing the trains in such close proximity at the railway station :). He kept saying "amma...rendu train " on seeing trains at both sides of the platform. wow!! He is going to be a math genius...right? :) :).

Once on board he had a very cute co-passenger. A baby boy almost an year younger than him....a cute little naughty fellow he was!! His mother asked him to say "vanakkam" to us as soon as we started talking to him. He got so excited when we appalauded after his "vanakkam" that he kept repeating it every now and then. and when we were tired of clapping he appalauded himself. Kutu and the little fellow had a nice time playing with each other before their respective pesky mommies whisked them off to go to sleep. Before anyone calls me a spoilsport let me also tell you that the other co-passengers where eyeing their berths longingly hoping these two brats would go to sleep soon. :)

Once back from our trip to coimbatore kutu fell ill with cold and fever. Poor fellow had a tough time. And now he is back in form!!

3. Kutu has atlast started speaking in full sentences!! even though his sentences comprise of three or four words to be precise. It is a milestone that he has crossed. Better late than never. I am quite relieved now. So ask him who got the maggi packet for him and he will promptly say "achaaa maggi vaanchuuuu!!". So far so good. :)