Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Teddy went back to school....

I am back after a loooong hibernation!!!! I seem to be repeating this line every time i start a new post, though there is noone out here who has actually missed me.:) Anyway...never mind. FIrst things first!!

My kutu is now a jabbermouth!! Talking away nineteen to the dozen. To say I am relieved would be an understatement. I am elated. He now talks in full sentences and repeats whatever anyone says or whatever he watches on the TV. He even recites a few nursery rhymes if he is in a good mood. His favorites being "Ba Ba Black Sheep","I hear thunder","Yankee Doodle went to town" and "Cock-a-doodle-doo". :)
I used to sing them to him every now and then. For sometime he was very fond of being a parakeet and repeating all that I sang. But off late he is very bored. He says or rather commands "Amma paadu..." when I ask him sing any of the rhymes. :) This statement of course would be accompanied by his trademark enough-to-melt-ur-heart smile and his momma darling would oblige.

We started off on our play school hunt again. and have found a better one atlast. So, we finished the admission formalities on VijayDashmi day. Initially(on the day of the admissions to be precise), Kutu enjoyed being in school. He was very excited at the prospect of going to school the next day, so much so that he even had his breakfast without any big fuss. He had his bath and wore a new dress and immediately picked up his blue mickey mouse school bag and waved a good bye to his grandparents. I should have smelled something fishy then and there. But no... dumb girl that I am...I didnt. How can anything in life be so very hassle free??? How can such a major milestone in a kid's life be crossed without any hitches?? Don't I have to complain on the fuss that kutu made to go to school to my grandchildren??
Well I will do precisely that and more becoz my little one has taken it to his heart that it is mandatory to cry and cry and cry when he starts his school. The moment we entered his classroom in school we were greeted by a bunch of kids howling and bawling in chorus. Each one of them was crying his\her lungs out!!! My little monster didnt want to be left out and did his little bit to add to the chaos. The teachers promptly shooed us parents away. The kids were in the classroom for half an hour and the teachers brought them out one by one. Kutu was one of the first ones to come out. With his blue school bag still on his shoulders he came out crying out "ammaaaaa....." with such a sad face that it broke my heart. Gave him a quick tight hug and took him home.

So this was the Day 1 story. Day 2...Ditto. Day 3...Ditto. Day 4 again Ditto. Momma's already broken heart is in tiny bits. Day 5...Kutu still keeps howling on the way to school and while being handed over to the teacher. An hour and a half later the worn and tired looking teacher starts bringing the kids out to the anxious parents outside. Even after most of the kids are out kutu is no where in sight. His teacher says "Kutu is refusing to come out. I will try my best to cajole him and bring him to you". Waaaat!!!!! I was shocked!!! And then at long last our little hero walks out with his blue bag with a sheepish smile on his face!!! I was floating on cloud nine!!! WOW!!!!WOW!!!WOW!!!YAAAAYYY!!! I could have done a little jiggety jigg dance with kutu then and there. But composed myself at the last minute and gave my kutu a quick kiss. Mission Accomplished. :)

Even heavens seemed to celebrating this little victory of ours. It rained cats and dogs and even elephants for the next three days in chennai. And come tuesday...the scene repeats. Kutu cried all the way to school...but came out of school smiling. My son wont be a school dropout after all. I can still see a little ray of light at the end of the tunnel!!!So far So Good...:)