Friday, June 6, 2008

My Dearest Kutu...

You never fail to surprise me boy!! Your school reopened today. And after almost two months of holidays anyone would have expected you to cry. More so me. The prospect of a repeat telecast of your previous school saga has been giving me shivers every now and then. Even if you didn't cry, a room full of wailing brats is enought to set the tear fountains on. Right?

I voiced my fears to your Achan last night. He said "Then lets not send him to school on the reopening day. We will send him next week. By then the rest of them would have calmed down a bit." eh? what? Now that was a simple logical solution wasn't it? And that set your Amma darling to fret and fume and rant and stare at the ceiling fan in the middle of the night deciding on what to do. Finally off to school you were to go on the stipulated day June 6th.

But then there you were. Giving me a sheepish smile and patiently waiting at the door of the classroom for your teacher to take you inside. You followed her in like an obedient little puppy!(where does all this good manners disappear when it comes to your amma???) The teacher had asked a few of the parents to stay back just in case their kids started howling. But she told me "I dont think he is going to cry or make a fuss. You may leave". OK..if you say so.

From when your playschool closed for the summer holidays we have been talking a lot about what you will do when you next go to school. And for the past few days you like a little parrot are chanting to anyone who will listen to you that "June 6th aagumbo njaan biig class pogum. Biiig class per endhu ariyaamo?...LKG!!". Within ourselves this conversation extends to the day when your "happy birthday" will come. I have to dutifully explain the "Happy Birthday to you" ritual that happens in all schools. and you look or seemingly look suitably excited and happy about the whole idea! Anyway thanks to our little conversations. You were prepared for the D-Day and the biiig claass and the new friends and teachers. this your way of telling me not to count my chickens before they are hatched. Have you postponed your tactics for monday??

You know what? when you are old enough and interested enough to read Harry Potter books, you will get to know about the jinx and anti-jinx charms. I am very tempted to cast an anti-jinx charm on this letter. What if you start throwing a right royal tantrum from monday? With you I have learnt to always expect the unexpected. well....will start worrying about monday on monday. Right now let me bask in glory of today!! :) :)

Because today was my son's first day in school(proper school where you start chanting your A B Cs). And he made us proud today. Good luck to you sweetheart. Hope you go trotting to school like today...every single day of your school life.
Heres wishing you lots and lots of fond memories about school.

Luv you lots kuttappa... :)