Monday, March 9, 2009

Thoughts triggered by a phone call

You know you have finally arrived in the Mommy World when...

1. The friend you have known from your own diaper days seeks your advice on which diapers to use for her baby! And you say "I swear by Huggies and pampers is no good" and not stopping with that both of you go on ranting about which diapers give what kind of rashes on the baby's tiny butt.

2. Words like breastfeeding, periods, epsiotomy and contraceptives are no longer used in a hush hush tone.Infact they are quite common place. :)

3. You can hold an entire conversation on and only on the baby pooping, farting and burping. And that too in great intricate details.

4. you exchange really looong emails with your close friend in US....discussing what your respective brats eat. Rather how\why they don't eat anything. Each of you find great solace in knowing that your own brat is not the only skinny stick-insect in this world. and finally at the end of it all declare that you are both sisters in woe. The greatest woe on earth being the fruit of your womb refusing to down even a morsel of food without any fuss.

5. you and the same friend spot a happy looking girl with thick long lustrous hair and give one sad look at your plait(which can anytime be mistaken for a rat's tail) and say almost in unison "oh...she has not given birth to a brat as yet.".

A telephonic conversation with a friend yesterday triggered all these thoughts. My only regret is that I could not hold such enlightening discussions with any of my friends when Kutu was born. Being an early bird in my group of friends, I kickstarted the babywagon atleast a good three years before the rest of them. But cribs. I am now the official Gyaan Provider of the group. :) So what if "Go see the Doc...girl" is the only gyaan I can ultimately provide.

How these little brats change our lives!! and how our conversations have evolved from homeworks, assignments, exams, teachers, boys, gossip, careers, office politics, family, marriage and now babies!! :) An interesting Journey!!