Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Off to Nagala

Had gone on an amazing trekking trip a couple of weeks ago. For the first time I had left home even before my brat woke up from the slumberland. Even after having prepared him before he went to bed the previous night saying "amma will have to leave for office very very early the next day. Be a good boy ok?", I was ill at ease. The mother hen in me not wanting to let go of her little one. But then I did. Mamma Bird flew off the nest for one whole day away from her littlest one! The pappa Bird stayed back did the babysitting. :)

Where women are concerned even a trekking trip will\has to involve shopping. Obviously!! so there I went shopping for shoes and track pants and t-shirts and what not! and then came the task of packing! Oh my god!! I was so reminded of the packing episode in the book "Three men in a boat". I so so love this book and have read it some gadzillion times. But what do I say. Some people are slow learners and I never did learn the valuble lesson that the wise George sermonises in there! He says the golden rule about packing for any trip is this "We must not think of the things we could do with, but only of the things that we can’t do without." So true!! But again learnt it the hard way. We loaded our bags with a hundred differnt things of which not even 1% came handy while trekking. A couple of water bottles is all that one would need while trekking in the wilderness.

Anyways packed we were by midnight. And in all this excitement....I just could not manage a wink of sleep for the rest of the night. In anticipation of what the next day holds...will I pass out in the middle of the forest? Will I get lost? What if my old limbs refuse to budge? And the mother of all "What ifs"...What if Kutu throws a right royal tantrum asking for his amma? what if he falls sick? How will anyone even contact me? There will not be any signal in the middle of the forest! Sadly...the answer to all this was the same... "Whatever will be will be". siggghhh...yeah right. Jo hoga so dekha jayega. Enjoy your day out girl!! Having said this to myself I woke up at the unearthly hours...3:30 AM on a sunday morning.

Got ready and went to kiss my sleeping baby goodbye! :( There is something about sleeping babies that melts your heart. Yes it just melts all the steely resolve that you have made. Everyone said that he will be ok without you. But noone knew that the problem is not with him but me! About me being able to keep him in the back burner for a day. Noone knew that I would be taking two parallel trips. Along with the trekking trip, I would also be sub-consciously going on a guilt trip. Yeah right!! I am a self-proclaimed drama queen.

Finally pulled my heavy self and my even heavier baggage and rushed out of the house to pickup point alloted to us. Once inside the bus, I felt relaxed. So....nagalapuram here I come!