Monday, April 13, 2009

A cheeky incident of a sleepy boy in the morning

Yes yes....i know thats a very bad attempt at a pun! But how best do I describe this incident?

The setting of the scene: A bright sunny monday morning and Amma is attempting to wake up her dearest brat dreading the impending herculean task of "getting ready to school".

But then there is something about sleeping children that melts your heart. Especially the mommy heart! And so me the "Amma with a melting heart" told the half-asleep-half awake kutu that I am going to give him a big kiss. I asked him where the said kiss should be manifested. "Kutu para....right cheek or the left cheek". And the little one lifted up his feet and thrust it on my face and said "ivide(here)".
"oh yeah??!! sigh...sigh...well if you say so....fine.". and it didnt stop at that! He has the cheek to lift up his other feet for a next kiss!!!! And all through this the little gentleman didn't even open his eyes!!

well...well....if you are worshipping the ground beneath the little feet, you might as well be ready kiss them right? :) Mister Kutu.....just show me another woman who would so willingly and lovingly kiss your feet and scratch your bum!! :):)