Friday, February 15, 2008

V-Day Special

I had opened today to look for some information regarding work. And saw this super cute logo as the Valentine's Day Special...they always come up with such interesting ones. Absolutely loved it. And also wanted to record it here so that it is not lost into the wilderness of the WWW. Such a nice way to depict "Growing in love" with each other!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Picnic Saga-II

Here is part two of the Picnic Episode!! :)

Kutu did have a rocking time during his little outing!!! yaaaayy!!! Looks like I am happier than him....

As soon as I went home, I just asked him "Kutu evide poyi??"
Kutu: Ammaa...guindy park poyi...amma kondu poyillaa... (He actually meant he went to guindy park and didn't take me along). He then excitedly went on to describe the monkey, crocodile, parrot, owl and fish and paaambu(snake). Then he went a little overboard...this is exactly what he said with his eyes wide as saucers and in all the seriousness: "Ammaa...crocodile kandu...Blue crocodile!! Crocodile neengi neengi vannu...BOOO paranju...appo nandu pedichu poyi"
Ok Baby...agreed. You are a great story teller!! :)

He also didn't starve himself. I had packed bread, biscuits and apple for him. He had eaten a bit of all these. :)

The icing on the cake was his teacher's comment today. "He was very happy yesterday. He was running around the place and was enjoying himself thoroughly!!". Good!! :) I am happy too!!

P.S. : Pictures of the crocodile and deers were sent by Kutu's Dad!! :)
He says Kutu is not entirely wrong. In the picture, there is a tinge of blue on that crocodile!! :) :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The first ever picnic!!

Kutu went for his first ever field trip from school today...:) It was a short picnic to the "Guindy Children's Park".

I was informed about this trip on Monday and from then I have been all jittery about the whole thing. Kutu going somewhere without me? ME...his beloved mother!! He was going to go somewhere without the accompaniment of any of his family members? Would the overworked stressed teachers be able to look after him? He is obviously not the apple of their eyes. Just one among the numerous kids in the playschool...
What if he runs helter skelter in the park? Who will run behind this little brat to see that he doesn't hurt himself? What if he jumps high and low on seeing a monkey there? He is a little monkey himself. And seriously...having studied in the campus adjacent to the Park I know that the monkeys there are big time bullies. They used to pester the life out of all us in the hostel!! What if one of those bullies my little baby? Who will give him a reassuring hug if he is scared? Would he starve himself? Will he even eat what I pack for him? God!!! So many unmentionable scarey "What if"s were crossing my mind!!

For the past two days I was bombarding everyone from the teachers in the school, to the mothers of the other kids to the aayah with so many questions. Rajat(kutu's friend in playschool)'s mom was a very patient soul. As she is a stay-at-home mother she gets to meet the teachers and the other parents everyday. God bless her for giving my rants a patient hearing. :)

Why send him at all amidst all this tension and doubts? I just wanted him to go and have a blast and enjoy himself!! Even if it means that I was going to breakdown out of nervousness and anxiety.

On the D-Day, i.e., today kutu was extra fussy to eat his breakfast, to come for a bath...ok..generally he was cranky. Somehow breakfast was thrust down his throat and he was given a bath. There was even a dress code for the kids going for the picnic today. There were asked to wear any orange colour dress. So he wore that and packed his school bag with the snacks and water bottle and Off to School we went!! :)

Once in school, parents were asked to move aside out of the view of the children till they got into the van. So I was hiding behind a wall and watching him obediently hold his teacher's hands and board the van. As soon as the van started, I took an autorickshaw to come to office. I asked the auto driver to follow the van! The "Guindy Children's Park" en route to my office you see!! :) But....I would have probably done that even if the picnic spot was at the other end of the city. Yeah i know....Someday in the future when kutu reads this, he is going to scream out "Amma you actually did that!!! GOD!!" But thats ok. How else do I pacify all the demons in my mind as well as ensure that my baby doesn't miss out on all the fun in the school.

Whether he actually had a rocking time is something I am yet to know. WIll have to go home and talk to him. I hope he did. I heard from Rajat's mom that the kids had a nice time but came back all sweating and tired and sleepy. Now that gave rise to another "what if"...What if he falls sick because of that? Anyway will cross the bridge when it comes. And that too shall pass. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The rollercoaster ride

Again a looong break from this space!! A lot has happened at Kutu's World in the mean time. It was like riding on a rollercoaster.

Ok...Here are the updates.

After the initial hurdles, kutu had finally settled down in his school. He had actually stopped crying on his way to school. It was more like a silent acceptance of the Inevitable. Anyway, school going was pretty smooth. Thats when trouble came in the form of illness. He had been having a running nose and mild cough for sometime.Then mild cough developed into severe cough and wheezing with the accompaniment of high fever. I had taken him to the paeditrician at the very beginning of all this. You see...I didn't want to go through the getting-settled-school nightmare all over again. So, I wanted to nip the cold-virus in the bud. But the doctor didn't seem to think that way. He had to wait for the cold to develop into fever and wheezing to start on the antibiotics course. So much phelgm had accumulated in his chest that it felt as if a dozen road rollers were working overtime down there. And the result....he was hospitalized. My poor baby!! :(
It broke my heart to see him lying there with an IV in his hand and a nebuliser on his nose. After a day the doctor said he was ok and we were asked to go home.

But even after a day at home, his wheezing didnt seem to reduce. This time we rushed to the paeditrician again. He meekly said that we would need to hospitalise him again but in a bigger and better hospital. Kutu by now looked like a wilted flower. Always clinging on to me and not eating or drinking anything. After running from pillar to post from one hospital to another in the middle of the night, he was admitted again. And it was when the nurses asked us to go out of the ER to give him IV that I broke down. To hear my little one screaming "amma...amma" surrounded by strangers inside a locked room and not being able to be at his side is....I dont know how to put those moments in words.

He was then given a bed in the Children's Ward in the hospital. Being put in a ward instead of a special room proved to be a blessing in disguise for him. It actually fastened his recovery. The children were allowed to move around the place. The place is a abuzz with activity always. There was even a tiny play area. So, Kutu was up on his feet really soon even though the wheezing didn't seem to be reducing. It would take something more than wheezing to keep my little brat away from a play area with a slide :). He also made the nurses in the ward a run for their lives. He would scream and bring the roof down if they come anywhere near him with his medicine or injections or nebulizer. But they were all very sweet and understanding. All in a day's work for them right?? But within a couple of days, he befriended a few and one of them even brought him a toy to play with. We were in the hospital for almost a week. We were relieved to go home at long last!!

At the end of all this my kutu had lost so much weight that he was just skin and bones. He also became such a spoilt brat...throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat...sigghhhh.....It took us a loooonnng time for us to bring back to a normal manageble state. Iam glad all that is over though! My poor little kutu went through so much.

And now two months later, Kutu is back to happily trotting and jumping his way to school and his momma darling came here and blogged about it. And of course, nowadays anybody falling sick...even if it is the dog limping on the street is told "pedikandaa...sheri aagum. Apollo Hospital pogaam". Apollo Hospital is now our favorite picnic spot!!