Friday, March 4, 2011

At the end of a long tiring day....

My little one(who is not so little anymore) was at his sulky best.It was the end of a long gruelling day spent studying(supposedly) at school, an hour at a now very boring keyboard class and then rest of the evening spent chasing a poor little kitten on the streets, dragging a reluctant amma to his friend's house etc. Amma had had a tough day too. So not a recipe for a "happy family" setup. With exams just round the corner, amma asked Kutu to take to his books once back home. And no...the little mister wanted to dawdle around and finally came to amma in kitchen and asked her to sharpen his pencil for him. The pencil in question was only one inch long and looked like the brat had only been sharpening pencils all day. Now why else will a newly bought pencil be reduced to an inch within a day's time!

Emotions were running high with Amma reprimanding kutu, kutu already irritable and tired retaliating in his own whiny way. Kutu took the path which every other pint-size tyke would normally take when at the rope's end! He was about to bawl and cry! This being the last straw for the already tired to the bones amma, she screamed too at a decibel level which shook the neighbouring apartments. "Kutu...not another sound from you....ok??!!!".

Kutu stared at amma for sometime. His eyes welling up with tears, teeth chattering and wrists clenched. Then came the question of the millenium!!! "Sound illaadhe engane karayum amma...??!!". Genuine confusion writ on his tear stained face. The poor little puppy didn't know how to cry silently. And boom!! Yeah...that was amma's heart breaking!

So, amma kicked the parental ego on its posterior. Mother and son hugged and laughed and cried(loudly) all at the same time. The exhaustion of a long day melted away. Peace and calm reigned. God is in his heaven and all is well with this world and all that. And then a meek voice is heard again.... "amma pencil sharp cheydhu tharo?". What???!!!!