Thursday, August 13, 2009

As you sow so shall you reap....

You know how they say life goes round and round in circles? Well this profound law of nature just dawned on me! And how!!! I had to learn this the hard way and believe you me, it hurts when life moves one full circle to come back and bite you sharp on the backside.

Remember that phase of life when you used to irritate everyone around by repeating each and every word that they said?? Generally being a pesky parrot and invoking the wrath of your near and dear ones. The immense sense of satisfaction and amusement that this provided needs to be experienced to be believed. So yeah...I am experiencing it right now. Only this time its from the other side of the table. My darling son has got into the habit of repeating all that I say! Especially when I go into that hyperventilating mode in the early morning rush to get ready for school! I shout "Kutu!!!!late aagum...vaaa" and there he goes "Kutu!!!!!late aagum...vaaa..." in the same tone and with the same facial expressions!!

And yeah...remember when you used to get away with all the mischief you did by conveniently throwing the "It was not me" arguement? Beat up your little brother black and blue and say "hey its not was my hand!! I am not responsible for that now!!". Throw some random thing on your sibling and say "its not me!! it was that thing which went flying towards him!". Well...this too has backfired on me. The other day Kutu took his toy helicopter and came crashing on me. His entire weight(which is not much anyway) fell on me and the drama queen that I am, I gave a scream and shouted at him(what else is there in life to do nowadays??!!siggghhhh....). And the little brat very nonchalantly says "njaan allaa amma...helicopter". eh? what?

I was left gaping with my mouth wide open and a misplaced sense of Déjà vu. They start really young these days...don't they??

Here I leave you with a very rare photograph. How often would you come across a "Little Monster Meditating".

In case you are wondering what he is trying to accomplish...his teacher is chanting "om shanti shanti shanti.." at the end of the Yoga Presentation by the kids and each one of them is trying hard to look enlightened and calm and peaceful. :)